2016: the sad bit first

2016 has been a great year generally, and Coventry Slings has grown to be something very special. I won’t end the year without wrapping up how awesome it’s been and thanking you all for your involvement.
But first, I need to talk about something sadder, that makes our lives in the sling library more difficult.
Right now we have three missing carriers, and this year we have started two cases with the small claims court. As of the end of the year in late fees, hire fees, court fees and the cost of replacing those carriers we are down over £500.
To us, that is a months income. It’s 5 or 10 or more new carriers we could have available for parents. It’s 5 new demo dolls we could have to be able to run regular workshops. It’s the cost to put one of our directors through a consultancy course to expand our expertise and enable us to reach more families.
Because these carriers have not been returned, because payments haven’t been made, because we’ve had to chase through the courts we can’t do these things.
It’s meant we haven’t been able to do in the last three months other things we would have liked to do. And hours have been spent chasing people that could have been used to do other work.
We are a community interest company, a small business which is not run for profit and our time is often voluntary. We aren’t taking standard salaries or often any payment from the work we do. We do this because we believe we can make a difference to people’s lives.
Please stay in contact, please let us know if you can’t return or need help with payments, please just ask. We get that life happens. But please, remember we are 4 mums, with 8 kids and expecting two more, and we have other jobs and commitments. All money we take for Coventry Slings goes back into making this the best service we can, but it is also the sole livelihood of one of our directors. It’s a small thing, but please, just let us know.
As I said, I don’t want to end the year on this note so look out over the next week for our roundup of the whole year and we look forward to working with you all in 2017

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