A slingy start in life

For about a year now we’ve been looking at a way to make our service more accessible to families with newborns in Coventry, and how we can facilitate families trying out a sling and seeing whether it can make a difference in their lives.

We firmly believe that a sling is an incredibly valuable parenting tool for a whole host of reasons, but at the newborn stage when babies often just want to be held they can be a life saver. From the simple act of being able to get up and get yourself a drink, to potentially being able to carry on with activities that were easy before the addition of the new family member, a sling or carrier can be a simple and low cost way to smooth the transition of a new arrival.

Carrying my second baby in a stretchy wrap at 2 days old


By the end of 2017 we are aiming to have launched our Newborn Hire Scheme, offering 4 weeks free hire of all stretchy wraps, and subsidised hire of a specific selection of other newborn suitable slings and carriers. The exact date of the launch is dependant on the funding we are seeking, both through various grants and via our crowdfunder (follow the link to donate).

The funding being sought will allow us to provide a selection of stretchy wraps and add to our list of newborn specific buckle carriers. This will allow us to serve as many families as we are able to. We will also be using the funding to purchase new demonstration dolls so that we always have them available at sessions and with the consultants. We will also be reaching out to other services which work with new families and hopefully providing information for them to pass on around the benefits of carrying.

This scheme will be open to all families with a newborn under 8 weeks old, who come to either a library session or a one to one consultancy appointment. If a hospital stay for mum or baby, or other circumstances mean that you cannot take up this offer in the first 8 weeks we will be happy to discuss options with you.

Carrying a newborn in a Connecta Baby Carrier. Photo courtesy of Dr Rosie Knowles

All we will ask is that you provide proof of address when hiring these carriers, we will provide teaching on how to use and appropriate safety information.

We would be so grateful if you could share the word about the fundraising we are doing, and help us reach out to families all across Coventry <3

Coventry Slings C.I.C. Directors

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