2016: the sad bit first

2016 has been a great year generally, and Coventry Slings has grown to be something very special. I won’t end the year without wrapping up how awesome it’s been and thanking you all for your involvement. But first, I need to talk about something sadder, that makes our lives in the sling library more difficult. […]

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Little Fellows: Mistake Not

I feel very privileged to have had a chance to try out this incredible handwoven wrap, given its history and the memories wrapped up in it. Little Fellows is a British hand weaving wrap company run by Lisa. She takes inspiration from a wide variety of places but often uses British culture and geeky references […]

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Danu: Salley Gardens Spring

Blend; 48% linen/ 52% cotton (280gsm) Size: 6 General impressions; My first thought was that the colour is stunning, much bluer then I had imagined. I had thought it was a green, but it really is much more petrol blue. The linen is a gorgeous silvery grey with a beautiful sheen that suggests it was wet […]

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