Danu: Salley Gardens Spring

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Blend; 48% linen/ 52% cotton (280gsm)
Size: 6
General impressions; My first thought was that the colour is stunning, much bluer then I had imagined. I had thought it was a green, but it really is much more petrol blue. The linen is a gorgeous silvery grey with a beautiful sheen that suggests it was wet spun. It is totally different in real life then I could ever have imagined, and it wrapping qualities are stunning. I really enjoyed using this wrap and would love to see what it becomes once broken in.
Feel in hand: it is beautiful and smooth on the pale silvery grey linen side of the wrap, which gives wonderful glide. The teal/blue slide is more texture weave giving it fab grip making it a perfect balance

How broken in was it / how long did it take to break in: as it was pretty early in the testing route, it still needed plenty of breaking in. It is a high linen content, so may take a while, but was still comfy to wear in the meantime.
Wrapping qualities / ease of use / carries it shines in: although the tester was a Long size, I think it would be fab as a shortie. Even with my two year old I found it was a good single layer rucking wrap and didn’t need any reinforcing, and had enough cush on the shoulders to make it comfy without having to sandwich the shoulders.
Wraps similarly to: Lir Irish linen, but with more grip and contrast.
You might like it if: you have a larger child in warm weather

You might not like it if: you like wraps with a good stretch.

Age of child being carried: 2 years and 26lb

The Company; Danu are a lovely Northern Irish company who create slings themed around fantasy, fiction, mythology and most recently science! Run by the founders of Baba Me and Sling Heaven, Danu creates affordable slings that are quirky and different.

For other designs, blends and future releases, please visit www.danuworld.com

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