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Recently we have experienced the wonderful wealth of your generosity. Since we announced the fundraising for the free stretchy programme we have had lots of people getting in touch with us to offer to donate their old carriers. It has been such a heart-warming experience to know that people want to give something to help other people get into babywearing, a parenting tool that we hope has helped many of you.

I’ve found myself writing very similar responses several times, so I thought maybe it would be an idea to whip up this blog post.

Can I donate my sling to the sling library?
Yes. We are delighted to take donations of all slings to further our work.

Will they go into the library to be hired?
Maybe. There are several uses that we can make of donated slings, all of which help to further our work.

What might happen to our slings?

  1. They might go into the library to boost our stockYou may see them out on the tables at meets and see new parents trying out their first few carries with your old sling. ♥
  2. We might keep them to donate to parents in needFor some people, no matter how affordable some slings are, they are still not an affordable expense, and in the past it has been a  fantastic asset to be able to give a family in need a carrier that they will really benefit from, no strings attached. This improves our ability to help the whole community.
  3. We might sell them to or trade them with other libraries (or occasionally, individuals).  This means that we are able to get the carriers that we really need in the library, and can offer other libraries carriers that they really need. This not only improves our range of carriers to help our local community, but improves the range in other libraries and benefits communities all over the UK.
  4. We might donate them to charities.  Many people will be familiar with charities, such as Carriers for Kos, who provide carriers for refugees, and we arranged a collection of carriers from you lovely people back in 2015 for Carrying Aid International for the refugee crisis in Greece. This may be the best way for your preloved slings to make a difference at the time, and we are committed to supporting charities that share our aims of supporting families to safely carry their babies.
  5. We may use them as teaching aids.  We have been offered one or two carriers that have been recalled for their roles in the deaths and injuries of babies being carried. These slings have been ruled to be too difficult to ensure a safe carry to be sold or traded in the EU. These slings can play a useful role for libraries, because they can help to demonstrate the difference between safe and unsafe carries, and to show just how much safer the carriers we offer are. Carriers with dubious construction techniques, or which are very difficult to get and maintain safe positions for babies are widely available on sites such as eBay and Amazon and we can help people to understand what they are looking for to ensure they buy genuine, and safe carriers for their babies.


And of course, the last thing we want to say is a huge THANK YOU! It is wonderful to have so many people offer to support our work, and we look forward to continuing to help parents and carers to safely carry their children.

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