Firespiral Cyano Seafoam Review


Indigo Seafoam

This morning I finally got to wrap with Firespiral Indigo Seafoam. The weft is 50% cyano combed cotton which is soft and buttery soft. It is a striped emerald green, peacock blue and turquoise that looks like shimmering reflections in water, it’s stunning. Firespiral describe it as blending together to give the softly undulating clarity and richness of a tropical sea, which sounds as beautiful as it looks!

As a contrast, the strong linen is dyed indigo blue and is lighter and more denim-like in colour compared to the previous colour way of twilight which was a signature of firespiral for so long.

Twilight/argent Combed Cotton Seafoam



Indigo Seafoam

But gosh is this fispi differant! Indigo linen is a medium weight wrap, and compared to the light weight spindrift and driftwood feels intense!! It’s still buttery soft from the bag, and the weave is beautiful and I kind of don’t miss the stubbiness of the hemp. But I think it needs a bit of breaking in! Never thought I’d say that about Firespiral!!!


The colours gives it less contrast then the white of the Driftwood and Spindrift, but personally, I think this makes it a more wearable everyday wrap, it goes perfectly with a pair of jeans, as well as a floaty summer dress. But I think it won’t look out of place in the Autumn and Winter when wooly jumpers and scarves are needed.


As a contrast, a few weeks ago I go to try out Spindrift and driftwood. Spindrift is 50% hemp/ 50% combed cotton, and was full of stubby beauty. It was knobbly and lightweight, and it took no effort to front carry my 21lb 15month old in 27degree heat. I did find though that the combed cotton side was very slippy, meaning if I wanted to wear it the “wrong-way out” I had to do some fancy flipping to stop my passes slipping.

Driftwood (wrong side out)


Driftwood in the park

I haven’t been able to do much wrapping recently, as my little girl now far prefers the simplicity of the buckle carriers in my collection (and may have got a little bored of me practicing fancy carries) but has seemed more then happy to go up in all three of these firespiral wraps!



Spindrift (wrong side out)

Driftwood was by far the lightest of the three wraps, this is a 25%/25%/50% hemp/linen/combed Cotten tri-blend. With the same colour combination as spindrift, but with slightly wider strips in the combed cotton.


The addition of the linen to this wrap makes it lighter and in my opinion I found it a little diggier then Spindrift, but this may change with a bit of use.

Indigo “wrong-side out”

I really love the colour of the Indigo, but the thinness of Driftwood, but the cushiness is Spindrift! All in all, I find that the Indigo Seafoam a little heavy for the summer, but the colour and weave just work beautifully, any chance of an indigo tri-blend?


A big Thanks to Coventry Slings members for letting us use their pictures!

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