Hopipola Handwovens Review

first bloom swirl

I was lucky enough to receive two beautiful testers to try from Hopipola Handwovens, a new weaver based up in Scotland.  

I received a lovely package, containing two wraps and a scarf piece, tags and a lovely note from Kirsty. The two wraps were First Bloom, a long size 2 with a mercerised cotton warp and a cotton/silk weft and is a gorgeous red and green grad, and Spiced Damson, a size 3 with an Egyptian cotton warp and a merino/silk/cashmere weft and is a deep purple with hints of gold.

At first glance I adored the colours in Spiced Damson, I am always a sucker for Purples, but First Bloom didn’t grab me as much to start with. Spicced Damson has a very loose weave, with texture across the whole wrap which feel like a chunky blanket and a beautiful fringe. First Bloom is thinner in hand, with a significantly tighter weave which creates a beautiful geometric pattern across the wrap.

I used both wraps for various of my favourite shorty carries, as advised by Kirsty at Hopipola I only used Spiced Damson in a multilayer carry due to the loose weave. Given the weave I wasn’t sure I’d like the way it felt wrapped but I was pleasantly surprised each time I wore it. It was cushy and strong and very grippy, which made it a little harder to wrap with but very solid and comfortable when done.

First Bloom is also very grippy, as most handwovens are, and very solid in pretty much every carry but by far and away it rocked as a rebozo, probably one of the nicest wraps for a rebozo I have ever used. It had just the right amount of grip and glide to make it easy to adjust and be comfortable with a chunky 3 year old in it!

I’m very impressed with the craftsmanship shown in these wraps, and how different they both are. One of the things I love about the world of handwovens is how different weavers can interpret things and I love what Kirsty did here.

Thank you for letting me try them!

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