I love my…. wraps

The first of our new “I love my… ” series, here is Em – the founder of Coventry Slings – talking about why she loves wraps

I love wraps. I love wrapping. I love the feel of different fabrics. I love falling in love with a design or a story.
My husband actually was the first to look at wrapping and say I want to do that. We had booked a consultation with the only local consultant in Leamington for when our first boy was about 3 weeks old. I was pretty convinced we wanted some kind of buckle carrier, or a meh dai maybe but didn’t really know much about any type of sling or carrier.
As soon as Angela started demoing wraps Paul was convinced. I needed to have a go, and wrap Xander, but right away with him there all snug it felt right. We bought our first wraps two weeks later.

It took me another 7 months to discover the world of wrap brands and designs, and the Facebook selling groups but by this time I was in love with wrapping and the versatility.
Since then I’ve tried dozens of brands and blends, hundreds of different wraps. I’ve owned everything from a simple piece of cloth to a one of a kind handwoven and many in between. But the best thing about it is the way it feels. The way cloth wrap moulds around the shape of you and your baby and fits perfectly, the way they melt into you as they fall asleep. It’s wonderful.

My personal wraps now are all very meaningful to me. I don’t have a lot anymore as my boys are 2.5 and 4 and more frequently are carried in buckles, but I do treasure those wrap cuddles. And I love being able to carry them in something has so much meaning wrapped up in it.

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