Little Fellows: Mistake Not

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I feel very privileged to have had a chance to try out this incredible handwoven wrap, given its history and the memories wrapped up in it.

Little Fellows is a British hand weaving wrap company run by Lisa. She takes inspiration from a wide variety of places but often uses British culture and geeky references which is what drew me into her work.

Mistake Not is named from a warship in an Iain M Banks science fiction novel, the Hydrogen Sonata and its full name is “Mistake Not My Current State Of Joshing Gentle Peevishness For The Awesome And Terrible Majesty Of The Towering Seas Of Ire That Are Themselves The Milquetoast Shallows Fringing My Vast Oceans Of Wrath”. Quite a mouthful! This particular piece is a beautiful soft cotton, silk and merino blend, woven with an advancing twill weave and 4m in length. It has a weft change middle marker and beautiful tail accents.

This wrap was the personal piece for the other half of Little Fellows, Kirstie. She very generously allowed us to have some time with it before it was raffled for a charity close to her heart and as I said first I feel so privileged to have had that opportunity.

This is one of the softest wraps I have ever used. It is soft and bouncy, with a subtle stretch that makes wrapping feel breezy. I felt I was able to knock out carries I normally find fiddly! Given the wool content I was glad that it simply felt soft rather than that prickle wool can have but this is a well loved wrap and is well broken in. At first look the colour combination threw me slightly, the brighter edge looks strange with the blue and purple of the main body of the wrap.  That changes once it’s worn however.

I tried this in a few carries with my 3 month old, and it was also tried by others with different ages of children.  Given the softness and bounce it feels very suited to newborns and young babies and moulds beautifully around them, but the silk content also makes it very solid with older children.  It is a thick wrap so makes big knots but the colours make them look like works of art.  That bright pop of yellow and green draws the eye and the tail accents make the knot vibrant.

Even given the thickness this was surprisingly easy to wrap with, and the advancing twill weave makes even a thick wool wrap feel airy although it also means it is extremely pull prone.  However this wrap is something special and I am very glad I had the chance to try it.


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