Luna Baby Carriers Wrap review

Luna Baby Carriers –┬áTara Joy Wrap and Triple Rainbow Wraps

I had the pleasure of trialling these two new wraps from my friend and colleague Jo Mockford at Carry My Baby.
These wraps are to be stocked here in the UK by Jo and will be a great new addition to the affordable wrapping market.
Both wraps are 100% cotton and beautiful rainbows although they are very different in every other way! Tara Joy is a thicker wrap with a herringbone weave, which has a lovely soft texture in hand and lovely pastel colours. Triple Rainbow is a much thinner plain weave, not as soft but still very nice in hand and a much darker colour palette.
I tried both wraps over a week in a variety of carries. My two wrappees are my 2.5yr old who is 33lbs (ish!) and my 9mo who is 26lb (ish!).
Triple Rainbow shines in multilayer carries with a longer wrap. It’s thinness made it easy to move passes into place and tighten, and meant that even multilayer carries didn’t feel bulky, even on my younger one’s little legs! It was incredibly easy to nail a double hammock in this wrap! But in a ruck I found that the thinness was a real downside, it didn’t stand up well to a heavy child with no extra passes. But an hours walk with my 2.5yr old in a double hammock was no issue at all.
Tara Joy on the other hand was lovely in every carry I tried. That extra thickness translated into cushiness on the shoulders in a ruck, and extra support for my heavier child. However, the grippy texture made getting a neat multilayer carry much harder, passes didn’t move as well and it was harder to tighten. I would imagine however that would change over time as the wraps broke in. I found myself reaching for it often though to ruck with as it was so soft and pleasant to touch!
I felt that whilst Tara Joy had more potential as a long term wrap investment from baby to toddler in almost any size, the Triple Rainbow would suit new babies and wrappers, and into older babies in long sizes. It’s great to now be getting the choice at the budget end of the wrap market.

These wraps will be on sale soon!

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