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Whether we like it or not money does keep this service running! To improve and grow we need the funds we make from hire fees, memberships and consultations so we can provide the best service for you.

We’ve got a lot of things we want to do right now, as we look at ways we can grow in the coming year

  • we are running the Midlands Baby Carrying Convention to highlight the many ways carrying in slings can fit into families and to provide a great shopping opportunity too
  • We are looking to promote our service further with more advertising
  • We are hoping to work with local health care services to support families in more complex circumstances
  • We would love to provide a free stretchy hire service for newborns and so would like to invest in several new demo dolls and stretchy wraps
  • To pay us! Much of the time we work on a voluntary basis, and as we grow we want to provide our directors with an income, and to pay for us to do further training

To do all of these we need to have funds in place! And here’s where you come in.

You can help us in a whole host of ways. Firstly, and most importantly, spread the word about what we do, recommend the library, come and use it yourself and tell people where you hired the sling! Take business cards and leaflets, give them out at your groups, your doctors surgery, put in your local shop.

If you know of small funding opportunities please let us know! Nominate us if you think we provide a good service.

We are running two competitions, one in which you can win either a ring sling or a Boba 4G as well as a whole host of other slingy accessories like leg warmers and wrap scrap items. Answer a simple question and pay £3 per entry! This will run until 31st March or until we have at least 35 entries. Enter here

The second competition is to name three of our demo dolls! We like our dolls to have names when we are using them, and we love using names we’ve been given by you. Pay £1 to enter, fill in the form and if we pick your name you can win one of a selection of very sling friendly Zoli Hoods or an Ergo Pouch! This will run until 31st March Enter here

Finally, you can always donate directly to the C.I.C. if you so wish. You can do so via PayPal.me/covslings

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