November Carry of the month – Front Cross Carry and Charlie’s Cross Carry

Front cross carry, knotless front cross carry and short front cross carry

Front cross carry is a commonly recommended front carry after front wrap cross carry. It consists of two cross passes only. As it only has two cross passes, it isn’t a carry we often recommend before baby’s hips have opened up (somewhere between 8-16 weeks commonly) as it is easy to overspread little legs and make it harder to respect the natural foetal tuck most newborns will adopt. It does mean however that it creates a very secure ‘seat’ for children who like to bounce! It has two layers so can be supportive for older and heavier children and can be finished in a variety of ways in various sizes of wrap. However, because of the lack of a wrap, rebozo or kangaroo pass babies who like to lean out a lot may find this carry very easy to get out of. It is often recommended as it can be pre tied before going out and baby popped in and out.
The basic front cross carry is done with a base size wrap, and starts with the wrap centrally on your back before creating the two cross passes on your front, crossing on the back and tying in front. It can be pre tied and tightened once baby in, and baby can pop in and out.

The knotless version of this carry is done with a base-1 wrap. It starts the same way as the normal version but when you do the cross on your back the tails loop over the bottom of the cross on your front. It can be fiddly to tighten but useful when you have slightly less length.

The short version can be done with or without a large sling ring. Both versions start with the wrap looped over your neck with the ring looped on if using, cross over your front and then either bring the tails round the back and tuck over the loop, or through the ring. Tightening is then done at your back. The cross passes tighten in the opposite direction to the normal version of this carry. Without a ring it is tied at hip. This can be done with a base -3

With a ring

Without a ring

Charlie’s cross carry


Charlie’s cross carry is a relatively new carry. It combines aspects of the double hammock and back wrap cross carry to create a solid, comfortable and supportive carry. It has multiple fancy finishes too!
The carry comprises a reinforcing cross pass, a cross pass and a rebozo pass, and also has both a chest pass and a waist pass to help distribute weight.
The normal version of the carry is done with a base size wrap, but other finishes can be done with a base-1/-2.
Picture tute and various finishes
Single ring finish

Double ring finish/shepherds tie off

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