October Carry of the Month – Front Double Hammock and Back Wrap Cross Carry

Front Double Hammock

Front double hammock
Front Double Hammock (FDH) is a front carry done with a base size wrap (usually a 6) which has two hammock passes and can be tied off in different places according to the length of your wrap. If you want to use a shorter wrap you could try the pre-tied FDH with a ring. You should be able to do this with a size 3 or 4 (base – 2/3) . It is a lovely supportive carry for small babies and is one of our recommended carries for newborns in a stretchy wrap, although the technique for a woven wrap and a stretchy wrap is different.
You may notice this carry starts very similarly to the front cross carry (wovens) and the pocket wrap cross carry (stretchies). The difference is that instead of placing the babies legs either side of the passes so they sit on the cross, the legs go between you and the fabric so baby sits on the two hammock passes with nothing between their legs. The advantage to this, for small babies especially, is that the risk of over spreading their hips is reduced and it is possible to support them in a better position appropriate for their age.
This carry can also be pre tied in both a woven and a stretchy wrap, with the stretchy wrap allowing you to pop baby in and out with minimal adjustment.
FDH Woven wrap

FDH with a ring

FDH 2 way stretchy

FDH 1 way stretchy

Back Wrap Cross Carry (Ruck, sweetheart variations)

Back Wrap Cross Carry is a symmetrical back carry which is supportive and relatively easy to learn, the traditional technique requires a base size wrap (normally a 6) although the ruck variation can be done with a shorter wrap. It consists of a single horizontal pass secured with a half knot, followed by two cross passes which ensures a supportive carry for leaners and leg straighteners. It can be tied in front or Tibetan/ knotless. Many people like that you tie a half knot to secure the first pass and seat very early on. The horizontal pass does make this a lower carry, and with the 3 passes and chest support it means this carry is popular for older babies and toddlers.
The ruck variation uses two shoulder flips after the horizontal pass to make the cross passes and the sweetheart variation uses two crossing chest passes and then the cross passes are done from under the leg up to the shoulder, so the reverse of the other methods.
If you are back carrying a younger baby you could also change the two cross passes to hammock passes for a back wrap double hammock!
BWCC tied tibetan

BWCC sweetheart variation

BWCC ruck variation

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