Price increases from June 19th

Coventry Slings has been running now for an amazing three years, and we have grown and changed so much in that time. In that time we have only increased prices once, but now we feel the time has come to make a few adjustments.
Most of the changes are very small, so we hope that it won’t put you off using our services, however we are always to discuss payment options to help you when you need it. On a case by case basis we may be able to offer a payment plan or discounts so please don’t hesitate to contact us.
These changes will come into affect on June 19th.

Sling hires

Prices for two and four week hires will remain the same at £10 and £15 respectively and will continue to be half price for members. However there will no longer be a discount for renewals, these will be at the same price as the initial hire period. Members will continue to receive a 50% discount on the fees.
If you are hiring from a one hour or longer consultancy appointment you may also opt to have a one week hire for £5.
Hires will be available from all sling meets, and by arrangement from the homes of the consultants out of meet hours. Out of hours doorstep collections have a charge of £2. If you require a 15 minute demo at one of our homes out of hours this has a charge of £5.

Consultancy Packages

We are changing the prices slightly of our packages, and introducing some new ones. We are also updating details of when we will travel to consults and the cost involved.
All one hour or longer consultancy Packages include a £5 discount on any hire. This means a non member can have a free weeks hire following a consult, and a member can have two weeks for free.

All consultancy packages take place at the consultants house or include travel within a 5 mile radius of the consultants home. Travel further afield incurs a fee of 0.50 per mile and will be arranged with the consultant in advance
If the appointment runs over by more than 15 minutes the consultant reserves the right to charge an extra £3.75 per 15 minutes

Pick and fit – 30 mins – £10
Pick three carriers when you book. Look at each, try on two, select which you want to hire. Normal hire fees apply
For simple fittings only, this is suitable for front carries in buckle carriers, meh dais, ring slings, stretchy and woven wraps. It is suitable for experienced users to get a fit check for back carrying in a buckle carrier or meh dai.

Simple consult – 1 hour – £20
For troubleshooting a carrier you already own, or for simple requests such as front carries in buckle carriers, meh dais, ring Slings, stretchy and woven wraps, back carries in buckle carriers, meh dais and ring Slings. It is suitable for experienced users with woven wraps to learn a single new carry including back carries.
You will be able to try up to three different carriers during the session should you wish
Hires are available from this appointment and include a £5 discount on our normal prices

Full consult – 1.5 hours – £30
For troubleshooting one or more carriers you already own, or to explore more complex requests. This appointment is suitable for all types of front and back carrying. You will be able to try up to 4 different carriers during the session should you wish. It is suitable to learn any woven wrap carry from scratch, and for experienced users to cover two carries.
This appointment is also suitable to cover the learning options outlined in the simple consult where there are additional needs for either the baby parent to work around. These could be medical conditions which may affect how the baby can be carried or how the parent/carer uses a sling, carrying multiple babies. Please let us know any information which may affect carrying on your booking form
Hires are available from these appointments and include a £5 discount on our normal prices

Couples Consult – 2 hours – £40
For a couple or two friends with similar learning requests or similar aged children. Allows the same options as the simple and full consults, with extra time to allow both participants the opportunity to practice the techniques.
Hires are available from these appointments and include a £5 discount on our normal prices

All details will be updated on the website in the coming days but all hires, renewals and consults will be at the current prices until June 19th. If you have something hired before the cut off date and it’s due for renewal after, the renewal will be at the new prices.

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