Pure Baby Pink baby wrap review

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It’s been my pleasure to host this lovely wrap for the last couple of weeks. My first impressions on arrival were two fold, firstly that despite baby pink not being my first choice of colour, the pastel shade was really quite attractive. Secondly was simply how soft it was to touch, almost truly baby soft!
100% cotton and all one colour, this lovely soft wrap feels light in hand and is on the thin side at 225 GSM. The wrap comes in three simple pastel shades, pink, blue and grey.
I was wrapping my large 8 month old, who weighs something around 24lb for reference. We tried a wide variety of carries with the wrap, from front wrap cross carry and a ruck to Charlie’s cross carry with a ring finish! Whether in a single layer or multilayer carrier I found it wonderful and supportive, and whilst I did have to pay attention to tightening it moved smoothly and held strongly once wrapped. It paid to be neat and precise with the wrap job but sloppy wrap jobs weren’t diggy, just didn’t spread the weight as well. For such a thin cotton wrap it was also surprisingly cushy on the shoulders.

Given the price point these will retail at I believe that they can be an excellent starter wrap. They only draw back for a novice wrapper I believe is the block colour, when you’re learning a new carry it can be invaluable having different sides and rails to a wrap. However if you like the colours don’t let it put you off! It’s softness makes it ideal for newborns and it’s sturdy enough for even a much larger child, making it an excellent all round entry level wrap.

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