Woven Wings; Stockinette Ocean Hues

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Blend; 9% merino and 91% Egyptian Cotton

Size: 6

Stockinette feels like a sturdy cotton wrap, I can’t believe it doesn’t even vaguely suggest wool to me. The merino is simply there to create an extra dimension of softness to the wrap. The stockinette pattern gives this wrap a good even texture and the weave is dense and awesome. The pattern has reminded some of  Orla Kiely prints, and others of leaves, but it was inspired by Wing Command’s love of textiles and knitting. The Stockinette stitch is a simple knit stitch that has many uses and has been used to create this stunning pattern,

It was brand new when it arrived, so had a certain stiffness even after its its first bath. But by the end of the week it was softening up beautifully with use. I imagine the more it is used, it will reward you by becoming softer and more buttery, although it was lovely to use from the offset.

I have been surprised by the strength and sturdiness of this wrap. In the past I have sold merino wraps due to the bounce and stretch, but this wrap was having none of it. I had previously played and wrapped with  Woven Wings Droplets briefly, and although it is the same blend, I was surprised how different it felt, which I think is down to the less dense pattern of Droplets. Also it seems to be dependant on how broken it the wrap is. With Cotton, especially with a dense weave it takes a while to break in, but with wear and work, it will have its own rewards. It will become a comfy, cushy work-horse of a wrap which will stand up to most challenges thrown at it

This wraps like a medium weight cotton, but with a bit more comfort. At 330gsm, it is thick, but don’t let that fool you, it is surprisingly light and airy in warm weather. and because of the density of the wrap, it means it sings with single layer carries such as a ruck or a rebozo.

I loved the fact that this wrap is not delicate, it seems robust, and not prone to pulls. It feels like a good every day wrap, and the two sides give different looks. One side has the stockinette pattern on a cream white back ground, while the other side has the same coloured stockinette pattern (in a melody of blues, pale greens and creams) with a multi blue background going through from Sky blue to deep cerulean and azure. The weaving of colour is beautifully subtle and classy., and really does make me think of lazy days on the beach in the sunshine, on the British seaside, this would make a great blanket to sit on or wrap around for a chilly evening watching the crashing waves.

 I have a 26lb two year old, and found that this was very good at single layer carries. The shoulders barely needed sandwiching as it was cushy enough without, and the seat didn’t budge! So a grippy, solid cushy wrap which is cool in the warm weather, and snuggly in the cold? What kind of witchcraft have you woven? How is this wrap just so good? I look forward to trying other future releases in this blend, and promise not to judge merino so harshly ever again!

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