Woven Wings; Prototype Yak blend Geo

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Blend; 59% Egyptian Cotton, 41% yak and merino mix
Size: 6

Feel in hand: thick, wooly, with a bit of texture from the pattern.
How broken in was it / how long did it take to break in: Brand new from Wing Command. It is pretty thick and dense, but showed potential to become kitten belly soft and gorgeous without too much effort.

Wrapping qualities / ease of use / carries it shines in: All found it cushy on the shoulders, and enjoyed the stretch the wool gave. Because it is so thick, Knots are HUGE, so either knotless finishes are rings seemed the obvious way forward! It is supportive but i think for older children two layer carries would be needed. It should not be assigned to winter wear only, as wool has wonderful temperature regulation qualities, but i wouldn’t recommend it for summer or hot climates necessarily. I think the colour is soft and beautiful, the brown and cream really do suit the autumn, so I hope wing command release this in time for the crispy leaves to hit the ground!

Wraps similarly to: A big wooly jumper, an i mean this in the best possible way! It will be epic in the winter!
You might like it if: you love that are kitteny soft and thick. I think it may not be the best for tiny tiny squishy babies, but would suit babied from 3 months plus all the way up to toddlerhood.

You might not like it if: you live in a hot country. Although wool has temper regulation qualities, I think this may be a step to far for this wrap.
Age of child being carried: I was only able to wrap a doll, as my little girl was not cooperative, but various people at sling meet wrapped with various age children tried it.

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